Arapaho LanceTuskahoma’s western author Alfred Dennis will sign copies of his books, including his new novel “Arapaho Lance”, at the Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival in Tuskahoma from 10am -10pm, Sept 1-4 (Friday through Monday). His new Native American fiction “Arapaho Lance” is the first book in the new Crow Killer Series, and will be available at the festival and bookstores online early October.

Arapaho Lance is an exciting book with plenty of action, adventure, and romance as the main character, Jedidiah Bracket, fell headfirst into the raging waters of a river and survived only to find himself surrounded by hostile Arapaho warriors. One warrior wanted to kill him, but after discovering the mark of the Arapaho Lance on his back, he was taken back to their village. Jed was treated with respect and taught the passage of manhood into the Arapaho Lance Bearers by the one warrior that hated him most, Walking Horse. Taught the language and nursed back to health by Walking Horse’s woman, the beautiful Little Antelope, Jed had many trials to overcome. Great feats of the warlike Arapaho arise as Jedidiah Bracket faces obstacles and becomes the great Arapaho Warrior and Lance Bearer, Crow Killer.

Alfred Dennis now has 15 books in the following genres: Western, Native American Fiction, Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction, and Western Romance. All 15 books will be offered for sale and signing at the 2017 Choctaw Labor Day Festival… see you there!