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I enjoy telling stories about the west so most of my books are westerns, Native American fiction, and historical fiction with plenty of action. I also include a little family friendly romance in my books too. I would like to invite you to take a look at the books I have written.

New Western Novel

An exciting western full of action, adventure, and romance set in the early American West. A young man is challenged and tested not only to save the family ranch but also to save a young woman from the dreaded Comancheros.

Alfred Dennis’ new western, Slocum, is now available at online bookstores.

Latest in Crow Killer Series!

Bear Claw: Crow Killer Series – Book 4
Western, Native American Fiction comes alive in Alfred Dennis’ fourth book of the Crow Killer Series. Plenty of action, adventure, and romance follow Crow Killer as he traverses the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. His friends would always be by his side in battle, but were they enough to combat the crazed Blackfoot called Bear Claw?