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I enjoy telling stories about the west so most of my books are westerns, Native American fiction, and historical fiction with plenty of action. I also include a little family friendly romance in my books too. I would like to invite you to take a look at the books I have written.

New Crow Killer Series!

Arapaho Revenge: Crow Killer Series – Book 8
Crow Killer takes to the trail of the Pawnee warriors who murdered his brother, Walking Horse, in a brutal and cowardly ambush. Riding with him are a few hand-picked Arapaho Lance Bearers and Grass Bee, the fiercely determined daughter of Chief Walking Horse. Although they face overwhelming odds, vengeance fuels their hearts as they come against the whole Pawnee Nation in their hunt for the dastardly Strong Otter.

Ride the war trail with Jedidiah Bracket and his son Eagle Wing as they set out to right the wrongs done to their tribe. A daring quest, where every step is perilous, and every heartbeat echoes with the promise of adventure, danger, and romance.

Arapaho Revenge: Crow Killer Series – Book 8 is now available at bookstores!