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About Alfred Dennis

Alfred Dennis Western Author, Alfred Dennis, enjoys telling stories and has written over 20 novels. His novels reflect his passion for writing stories of the early days of America with emphasis on the Old West.

Alfred Dennis, writer and Vietnam veteran, was influenced by his work around cowboys, horses, and rodeos. The author spent many years around campfires, listening to fellow cowboys share their stories about the open range. He made his living breaking and shoeing horses, and working cattle. He and his wife raised five children and they currently live in rural southeastern Oklahoma in the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains.

His book’s categories are Westerns, Native American Fiction, Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure, and Western Romance. Alfred’s novels are the real McCoy, full action, suitable for any age western novel reader.


  1. Arlinda Rounsaville

    When I was a kid a boy by the name of Alfred Dennis lived with my great Aunt and Uncle in Filmore , Oklahoma. Their last name was Evans. Wondered if that boy could be you?

  2. Karen

    Hi Arlinda,
    I take care of Mr. Dennis’ website. I spoke with him and he said yes, he is the boy that lived with your great Aunt and Uncle. He said they were very good to him and he would be happy to talk with you. I can give you his email address if you would like to get in touch with him directly.

  3. Sheri Merkling

    I grew up in Wilburton, Oklahoma, with a horse or two all my life. My Dad, like Mr. Dennis, could break a horse as well as take care of their feet. I am now living in Minnesota, married to a man who is a certified farrier on the side. We have had horses all our married life, and have raised two horse-loving children. My dad, husband, son & I love good westerns, be they movies or books. I picked up my first Alfred Dennis novel at an expo in Oklahoma a few years ago. I was privileged to meet Mr. Dennis, ask him to autograph his book, and spend a little time visiting with him. I am now a fan and pick up another book each time I go back to Wilburton. Every one is all-age friendly, action packed, some mystery, some suspense, a touch of romance, and totally enjoyable. I look forward to collecting them all. Thank you, Mr. Dennis, for sharing your talents with the world.

  4. Shannon Isbell

    I new mr.dennis when i was a child my parents new him well my dad has some photos of his children the reason for this is my dad edward isbell wanted to give them to the family and needing to no how to contact mr. Dennis

    • Karen

      Hi Shannon,
      Thank you for contacting Alfred Dennis. An email was sent to you so you can contact Mr. Dennis directly.

  5. David R. Cox

    I just read about Alfred Dennis in the Postal Record Magazine. I’m looking forward to reading his books.

  6. tonna dennis gardner

    hello, my name is tonna (dennis) gardner, and I was wanding if you new melford dennis or my grandfather r.m. dennis of milburn

    • Karen

      Hi Tonna,
      Thank you for contacting Alfred Dennis. An email was sent to you so you can contact Mr. Dennis directly.

  7. Lynn Turner

    I recently found book 1 of the Crow Killer series on Amazon. I decided to give this author a try. I visualize the places the author takes me to if they paint a good enough picture. I cannot give enough praise to Mr.Dennis for painting a great picture of the scenery and characters in his works. I am now almost finished with book 2 and can’t wait to start book3! I can clearly see Crow Killer’s valley, the mountains, Indian villages and the entire cast of characters. It is like i am there with them! Of course it also helps that he is an Okie like me. Thank you Mr. Dennis!!! I intend to read all of your books. I give you ******************** 20 stars as 5 is not enough!

    • Muni Cook

      I feel exactly the same if I may say! These stories are wonderful treasures.

  8. Gary

    I have enjoyed all of the Crow Killer series! Just finished Bear Claw and was wondering if there will be more in that series.

  9. Dale Summers

    Me. Dennis, I want to thank you for being the kind of author who can completely captivate the reader. But still being able to keep it clean enough for all ages to enjoy. I have so far read all four of the Crow Killer Series. And look forward to the next one to come (hopefully).

    • Muni Cook

      Good news, there are 6 books. I am on book 2, just bought next one. I am loving these stories.

  10. james Carden

    I have read 7 of the books by Alfred Dennis. When I read the book the detail he uses makes me feel as if I am there witnessing the action. Can’t wait to get to the next book. I love these books.

  11. James Carden

    I just read the latest book Blood on the Lance. Really enjoyed it. Had a good plot and would recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  12. Gary Youree

    My wife visited you at an event at Poteau and bought me the first Crow Killer book. She lived her visit with you and thought I would love the book. the book and already on the second book. I loved it so much I now have the whole series. Both my grandfather and Dad inhaled the paperback westerns and I guess it is in my DNA. You have done a wonderful job of capturing a place in time that as a Choctaw I find fascinating. Thank you for story telling.

  13. William Moreland

    Will there more books in the Crow Killer Series? I just found the series and have read the 1st 3 books and then found out the series is currently at 5.
    Love the adventure and it the pages fly by.

    • aldennis

      Yes, another book in the Crow Killer series is coming out in just a few months! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. Thank you!

  14. Nick

    What books are in the series Crow Killer? I’ve hunted the Kiamichi mountains since 1999. Last year I picked up a couple of his papaerbacks at Clayton general store. I’m reading Rover and then Sandgrass Canyon this hunting season. I was born and raised in Checotah and learned a lot from the Creek indian tribe. A lot of rodeo cowboys were raised in McIntosh county. My dad was a close friend with Jim Shoulders. I plan on reading all his novels. I donate the ones I have read to Ingleside Texas public library where I currently live. Mr Dennis you bring back the old west on paper. God bless you and keep the novels coming.

  15. Carolyn Baxter

    I just read Sandigrass Canyon and I liked it almost as much as the Crow Killer books. I hope a sequel is in the works for this book.

  16. Dan

    Will there be a #8 in the Crow Killer series?

    • aldennis

      We are currently working on the next book in the Crow Killer Series!

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