Lance Bearer

Lance Bearer
Crow Killer Series – Book 2

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Book 2 of the Crow Killer series; Jedidiah Bracket, the young white man the Arapaho call Crow Killer, had become a great warrior and leader of the Arapaho people. Since becoming an Arapaho, Jed had many battles with the enemies of his adopted tribe. The old Arapaho Medicine Man predicted his return to the beautiful valley with a ray of gleaming light, something that was seen but never found.

On the long journey to find his stepfather, the valley the old one spoke of was found. Jed also finds love in Baxter Springs and plans to bring his love, Sally Ann, back to the valley.

Jedidiah’s journey is full of action, adventure, and romance. Many battles and great feats of heroism demonstrate Jed’s love for Sally Ann and his adopted people by his willingness to give his life in their defense.