Eagle WingOklahoma’s western author, Alfred Dennis, will sign copies of his books, including his new novel “Eagle Wing”, at the 2021 Honobia BigFoot Festival in Honobia, Oct 1st & 2nd. His new Native American fiction “Eagle Wing” is the sixth book in the Crow Killer Series, and will be available at the festival and available at bookstores online September 15th.

Eagle Wing, is another exciting new Native American fiction book in the Crow Killer Series with plenty of action, adventure, and romance!

Eagle Wing, the firstborn son of Crow Killer, has the sign of the lance birthmark on his back, like his father. After seeking his vision on the sacred mountain, the medicine man interpreted his dream. The old one saw Eagle Wing riding with the great warriors of the Sioux against the invading US Cavalry. A great burden had been placed on Eagle Wing’s shoulders. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull of the Sioux wanted his help to turn back the white soldiers and gold seekers who desecrated the sacred Black Hills.

Join Eagle Wing in his adventures as he becomes a great leader and Arapaho Lance Bearer, and helps defend the land that was promised to the indigenous people of the different Indian tribes.

Alfred Dennis now has over 20 books in the following genres: Western, Native American Fiction, Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction, and Western Romance. All of his books will be offered for sale and signing at the 2021 BigFoot Festival!

Please note the Choctaw Labor Day Festival for 2021 has been cancelled due to covid.