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Another great Western and Native American Fiction! Action, adventure, and romance travels with Jesse Ray across the vast rangeland of Arizona.

Yuma Prison 1884… Young Jesse Ray unjustly incarcerated behind the thick gray walls of Yuma Prison was suddenly set free. Van Kilpatrick, foreman of the Circle C arrived at the prison with a letter from the Governor of Arizona pardoning Jesse. Brought back to Tombstone, Jesse Ray was hired on as a range detective by his Uncle Marshall Dalton owner of the Circle C Ranch to put a stop to the rustling and killings.

Wild and hard as the Arizona rangeland, Jesse Ray finds himself not only the hunter, but the hunted. Murdock Hammon’s hired gunmen search for Jesse as he tries to protect the scattered herds of cattle. The young and beautiful Kate Anderson nurses Jesse back to health after a bullet from the rifle of the half breed Apache Quinton rips into his back…