Yellowstone Brigade
Yellowstone Brigade
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A novel filled with adventure, danger, and romance— Yellowstone Brigade rides with these hunters into the High Lonesome, narrating the savage ferocity of hostile warriors, grizzly bears, and the harsh elements of winter storms. It shares a piece of history the mountain men called the Shining Times.

The Rocky Mountains of the early 1830s were as wild and untamed as the men who dared to venture into them. Trappers, hunters, men with adventurous spirits, and those known as mountain men rode undaunted and unafraid into the harsh domain of the hostile and war-like red man.

Pinto Stade and Jehu Wolf were two such men— strong, brave hunters who entered the tall mountains searching out the unexplored valleys and crystal clear lakes that held the treasure they sought. It’s not gold; it’s something much more valuable to these men. Furs— beaver, martin, fox, and other critters— were what they came for, the furs that would bring cash money at rendezvous.