Trail to Medicine Mound

Trail to Medicine Mound

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Old west action and adventure follow the three ex-confederate soldiers on their way to Medicine Mound, Texas. Dangerous renegades, wild Comanche Indians, and many hardships on the journey, test the iron will of the young Morgan.

The great Civil War was on its final day of conflict. With four years of war behind him, Bowie Morgan agreed to take his gravely wounded friend, George Raker, home to his wife and their Circle R Ranch in Texas. Raker promised the young Morgan half the ranch if he gets him back home alive to his beloved wife.

Morgan is no rancher and he needs no pay to help his good friend, George Raker. Both men saved each other’s life many times in the last four years of war. Bowie finally gives in to Raker’s offer. He knows the long trip will be hard on his wounded friend, but come hell or high water they’re heading on the Trail to Medicine Mound.