Track of the Grizzly

Track of the Grizzly
Crow Killer Series – Book 3

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Western Series, Native American fiction with adventure, romance, and the perils of the mountains follow Jedidiah Bracket back into the depth of his valley. Who will survive, Crow Killer or the ones with the great glaring red eyes that follow him?

As the old medicine man, White Swan, predicted from the smoke of his fire; Jedidiah saw the evasive light on the mountain, found his beautiful valley, and had to fight many battles to overcome his enemies. He had to kill, but only after being challenged. He saved and protected his friends and the woman he loved.

Love came to him briefly, only to be snatched away like a bolt of lightning. Follow the warrior known as Crow Killer by the Arapaho, back into his remote valley, and ride with him on another great venture into the dangerous mountains.