Shawnee Trail
Shawnee Trail
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The author produces another great action novel about Native Americans and the American Frontier. The book describes the trials and tribulations early settlers and Native Americans had to endure. A great read of the early years of America… a book you cannot put down.

Lance Hawkins returns home to find his parents and little brother dead and their bodies mutilated. The marauding Shawnee Warriors with their ally the Frenchman St. Georges take his two sisters, Iona and May Lynn, captive. The trail of the raiders leads to the Trent Farm where his lifelong sweetheart is also taken captive.

Lance makes an oath to his badly wounded brother Lucas; he will never quit the trail until every warrior and every Frenchman responsible for the atrocities are dead. Lance heads deep into the bloody hunting grounds of the Shawnee and Abenaki Indians. Only pure hate and the need to avenge his family fuels the young Lance Hawkins to overcome the mighty Shawnee Nation and St Georges.