Ride the Rough String

Ride the Rough String

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The love of a good horse, sweet mountain air, romance, and adventure will keep you enjoying this story of the early American West. The book begins with the life and dreams of two men, one old and one young, an unlikely friendship, but they share the same dream of having their own horse ranch.

The old man, Caintuck Waters, is too old to ride the rough colts he intends to breed. He searches the land looking for the best horses in his travels. Finally, he has the answer to his dreams, as he finds a spectacular steeldust stallion he wants to sire his herd. Find out if he can hold on to his dream with his partner, the rider, who can Ride the Rough String.

The young man, Cam Mitchell, must first overcome many obstacles before his dreams can become a reality. Find out why the Apaches give Cam Mitchell the name Rough Rider and how he must save the life of the woman he loves.