The Mustangers
The Mustangers
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The year eighteen forty six finds two families along the mighty Arkansas River locked in a bloodthirsty feud that seems to have no end. Ben Stallings finally decides he has lost enough of his sons to the senseless killings. Over the arguments of his wild son Corey, Ben crosses the Arkansas to meet with Levi Pike, the Pike family patriarch to declare a truce.

Selling his farm and cattle, Ben moves his sons and two daughters into the wild lands of Texas. The land is a vast sea of grass and mesquite seen by few whites, a land occupied by wild mustangs, buffalo, Indians, and renegade whites and Mexicans. Hardships and danger, along with romance, follow the Stallings family as they try to tame the wild mustang horses running free on the grasslands of the Brazos River Bottoms of Texas.

“The author has produced another great novel from out of the west. Adventure, romance and suspense follow the men and women of the Stallings family into Texas.” –Dewitt King, Prop.