Bear Claw

Bear Claw
Crow Killer Series – Book 4

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This Western, Native American Fiction, comes alive in Alfred Dennis’ fourth book of the Crow Killer Series. Plenty of action, adventure, and romance follow Jedidiah Bracket, known as Crow Killer, as he traverses the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.

Four years had passed since the Arapaho Chief rescued Jed from North Platte River where a sudden flash flood dumped him bloody and broken on its muddy banks. Jed’s birthmark of a lance on his back plus the old medicine man’s words foretold that he would become a great warrior. With guidance from the Arapaho warrior, Walking Horse, he had become a mighty Lance Bearer of the Arapaho Nation and a legend among the tribes.

Jed only wanted peace, but he still had many trails to ride and many battles to undertake. His friends, Walking Horse and Red Hawk, would always be by his side in battle, but were they enough to combat the crazed Blackfoot called Bear Claw?