Blood on the Lance

Blood on the Lance
Crow Killer Series – Book 5

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Living in the north western US, deep in the mountains, was not easy back in the 1800’s. The severe winter kept Jed and his wife snowed in, unable to get an early start to the post. Soon, Bright Moon will bring their child into the world, but will they make it to Fort Bridger in time? Their trip to Bridger will be hard as warriors lie in wait to steal Jed’s pelts and wife adds to their peril.

Dibbs Bacon rides to Bridger to get Jed to help Ellie as she gets word of her father’s death. They endure a perilous journey west to the Gallatin Mountains. A crazed hunter follows close on their trail with the help of dangerous warriors. A new romance is kindled but who can survive the dangers that lie ahead?

Follow Jed on his most dangerous travels as he protects the women he loves from predators that try to abduct them. Adventure, romance, and danger at every mile will entertain readers on this terrific saga of the great Crow Killer.