Novels by Alfred Dennis

Westerns, Native American Fiction, Action & Adventure

About Alfred Dennis

Alfred Dennis Western Author, Alfred Dennis, enjoys telling stories and has written over 15 novels. His novels reflect his passion for writing stories of the early days of America with emphasis on the Old West.

Alfred Dennis, writer and Vietnam veteran, was influenced by his work around cowboys, horses, and rodeos. The author spent many years around campfires, listening to fellow cowboys share their stories about the open range. He made his living breaking and shoeing horses, and working cattle. He and his wife raised five children and they currently live in rural southeastern Oklahoma in the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains.

His book’s categories are Westerns, Native American Fiction, Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure, and Western Romance. Alfred’s novels are the real McCoy, full action, suitable for any age western novel reader.


  1. Arlinda Rounsaville

    June 3, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    When I was a kid a boy by the name of Alfred Dennis lived with my great Aunt and Uncle in Filmore , Oklahoma. Their last name was Evans. Wondered if that boy could be you?

  2. Hi Arlinda,
    I take care of Mr. Dennis’ website. I spoke with him and he said yes, he is the boy that lived with your great Aunt and Uncle. He said they were very good to him and he would be happy to talk with you. I can give you his email address if you would like to get in touch with him directly.

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